MARCH 2019

An altar Joanne has used in space-clearing ceremonies

Ceremonies & Practices to Love Your Home AND Your Life
with Joanne Franchina

Embrace your space! Discover how to create a sanctuary in your home or workspace based on wisdom teachings from around the globe. Experience inspirational processes to discover the "next right step" to take in your life - and in your home - that will reawaken your creativity and allow your dreams to flourish. And learn some very practical things:
  • How to clear the energy in a room.
  • How to infuse a space with vitality and purpose.
  • Best practices for decluttering.
  • Tips for outdoor spaces.
You'll also get practice time to apply these powerful techniques, and take home special tools that you can use anywhere and everywhere. Once you learn how to create sacred space, you can feel at home wherever you go! 

DATE & TIME: Saturday, March 23*, 10 am - 4 pm; includes a break for lunch.  
LOCATION: Inner Compass Academy, 10901 Reed Hartman Hwy Ste 101, Cincinnati OH 45242.
INSTRUCTOR: Joanne Franchina.
PRICE: $125, includes space clearing kit (retail value $25). Early registrations (by March 9) $110.
EGISTRATION DEADLINE: March 18. Limited space available, and please note that there is a minimum number of participants needed to hold this class. 

*Please note: The date for this workshop is March 23 - please disregard any references to a date in April.   


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Inner Compass LLC  *  10901 Reed Hartman Highway, Suite 101  *  Cincinnati, Ohio 45242



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