Gala Message Circle Event
with Joanne Franchina, Rose Vanden Eynden & Guest Presenters 

Our Message Circle Events are very popular with groups and those who are new to mediumship readingsand no wonder!  They are fun and affordable, and allow one's friends and family members to participate.  What happens in a message circle?  Well, a handful of participants sit in a circle with a clairvoyant medium or psychic, who provides a message, or mini-reading, for each participant in turn.  It's like a psychic reading party, and we have invited some of our favorite mediums and psychics in the area to participate in this favorite event. 

This particular Message Circle will be like a "Gala" in the Spiritualist tradition, incorporating special items such as oracle cards, crystals, spirit art, and more.  During each mini-reading, the psychic medium will be inspired by spirit to talk about a particular item that the participant can then take home as a special gift from spirit.  For this evening's event, Joanne and Rose will be joined by some of her favorite colleagues, including Diane Marie Goetz, featuring astrology readings; Eric Layman, featuring Clairvoyant Mediumship readings; and Vicki South, featuring Clairvoyant Mediumship readings.  If there are enough participants, Joanne and Rose will present specialty mini-readings in circles also. 

DATE & TIME: Friday, October 19, 7-9 pm.
LOCATION: Inner Compass Academy, 10901 Reed Hartman Hwy Ste 101, Cincinnati OH 45242.
PRESENTERS: Joanne Franchina & Rose Vanden Eynden, hosts.  Guest mediums Diane Goetz, Eric Layman, & Vicki South
PRICE: $30. Limited space; pre-registration required.  


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Diane Marie Goetz was a self taught astrologer for 10-plus years and then received her diploma from Midwest School of Astrology in June 2014 after completing the intense three-year study program. Diane Marie has done readings at the Body, MInd and Spirit Expo in Columbus and Mio Vino micro winery in Deer Park. In 2010 and 2011, she completed the Fundamentals and Level One Mediumship classes.  Diane Marie maintains an active interest in ghost hunting investigations and has participated in events at the Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio and at Heritage Village at Sharon Woods. She currently holds a full-time position as a Human Resource Specialist, but as her passion is Mystic Astrology, Diane Marie makes time to do private chart readings, parties and other events for clients.  goetz_diane@yahoo.com.


Eric Layman is a certified medium, spiritual coach and the owner of Infinite Expressions, a spiritual coaching practice based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Growing up in rural Ohio, Eric’s intuitive abilities were apparent from an early age.  He has always had a wonder-filled love of Nature and a strong connection to both the earthly and the spiritual.  Today, Eric relates to people from all walks of life whether farmer or corporate executive and his experiential insights are numerous, helpful, and uplifting to all who seek his services.  A life-long learner and truth seeker, Eric continues to study and learn new techniques and modalities from various spiritual mentors and teachers throughout the U.S.  Eric uses the wisdom he has gained through his formal studies and life experiences, along with his natural intuitive abilities, to provide his clients with a sense of peace and understanding while presenting Light-filled love and guidance from Spirit.  www.infiniteexpressions.net.  


Vicki South is a life-long student of alternative healing. Vicki's understanding of holistic methods, plants and oils led her to become a DoTerra Essential Oil Wellness Advocate trained in AromaTouch. She has completed extensive courses in mediumship development, and uses both psychic mediumship and crystals to help her clients obtain awareness of their selves and their pathway to wellness. 



Joanne Franchina is a life coach, medium, author, instructor, and the founder of Inner Compass, a Cincinnati, Ohio-based intuitive life coaching practice. A certified medium and ordained minister with Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, New York, Joanne leads workshops in meditation, mediumship, manifestation, and other metaphysical disciplines. She has written for regional and national publications, been a featured guest for radio, and lectured at expos and other events throughout the country. Joanne teaches people how to create fabulous lives for themselves by using their inner wisdom in everyday situations. www.YourInnerCompass.com.



Rev. Rose Vanden Eynden is a certified medium with the Indiana Association of Spiritualists at Camp Chesterfield and an ordained minister with the United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has been featured in Midwestern newspapers and television news programs, has published several metaphysical articles in national magazines, and has hosted a spiritual radio show.  She is the author of three nonfiction books: So You Want to be a Medium?  Metatron, and Ask A Medium, all published through Llewellyn Worldwide.  Her first novel, Merlin's Raven, was released in April 2012 through Soul Mate Publishing.  http://www.vandeneynden.biz/.   

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