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The crisp crunch of leaves underfoot, the lingering scent of last night’s bonfire, the gallery of goldenrod, pumpkin, cherry, and plum on display along the lane.  What I love most about autumn is the air; it fills me with an energy that invites reflection and inspires expression. 

Consider the leaves.  They are at their most spectacu
lar during this period of transformation—just before they fall away from their tree, the only Source they have known, to ride the wind with joyous abandon, and then, quietly and without ceremony, come to rest and nourish the earth with their gifts. 

Touch in with your spirit self right now.  Take a breath, close your eyes, and ponder these questions for just a moment.  How vibrant are your colors?  How is your life force—the essence of your being—expressing itself?  What gifts are you preparing to give to the world? 

Consider the trees.  Each autumn they let go their leaves, which are Very Important Things that have served them well for some time—familiar and dependable things with which they have become quite comfortable, like a favorite old sweater. 

Touch in with your spirit self for another moment.  What do you no longer need?  What things in your life are you willing to release, giving thanks for the lessons and growth and support that they have given to you? 

Set an intention to pay attention as your life transforms this season, as your gifts and lessons are received by the Universe.  Let your thoughts be carried on your breath as the leaves are carried on the wind.  Contemplate the patterns of color and light and form as they swirl and flow.  And then, come to rest, gently, with your feet on the ground. 

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