Use your inner compass, let your light shine.

Beth Ann Kennedy of Pink Heart Healing is a professional crystal healer, psychic medium, and teacher of the intuitive arts.  Beth Ann occasionally lectures, and is a guest presenter, at Inner Compass.  

Bob Laake of Rhythm for Wellness is a drum circle facilitator, teacher, performer, and certified REMO Health Rhythms-trained facilitator.  Bob occasionally leads drum circles at Inner Compass.    

Chad Seibert is an evidential medium and intuitive development coach who is well known in the Greater Cincinnati region.  Chad is a mentor in the Mediumship Mastery Program, and is a guest instructor and presenter, at Inner Compass.   

Deborah Ann Williams is a clairvoyant medium and Reiki Master who lectures and teaches on psychic and mediumship development, as well as astrology, numerology, and signs and symbols.  Deborah occasionally lectures, and is a guest presenter, at Inner Compass.   

Diane Sears is a certified medium whose specialties include a reading that uses psychometry with fabric swatches.  Diane facilitates the Book Circles for Soul Searchers, and guest mentors at other Inner Compass events.  

Fellowships of the Spirit is a Spiritualist institution in Lily Dale, New York, through which Joanne received her ministerial ordination and certifications in mediumship and spiritual healing at The School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy.  Joanne occasionally serves as a platform medium, lecturer, and minister with Fellowships.   

Gene & Barbara Jackson, AKA "The Crystal Guy", are experts in all things crystal, and we consider ourselves fortunate that their base of operations is Cincinnati, Ohio.  Gene and Barbara occasionally lead workshops at Inner Compass.  

Gretchen Clark is an internationally known clairvoyant medium based in Lily Dale, New York, where she has been a registered medium since 1976.  She is also Joanne's aunt, and has taught Joanne a lot about mediumship.  Gretchen, who produced a DVD titled Where Do We Go from Here, occasionally leads workshops at Inner Compass.

Janette Kaye is a psychic medium and spirit artist based in Dayton, Ohio, who is known for her gift of mediumistic portraiture.  Janette occasionally teaches, and is a guest presenter, at Inner Compass.   

Joseph Shiel is an internationally known medium and spirit artist who lectures, teaches, and inspires all to open their hearts and minds to the truth of God's Love.  Joanne is pleased to co-sponsor Joe's events in Cincinnati with her colleague, Chad Seibert.   

Judy Braucher is well known and respected for her work as a Traditional Tibetan Reiki Master and Animal Communicator, yet she has extensive experience in several other energetic and vibrational healing techniques as well.  Joanne has collaborated with Judy in various capacities over the years. 

Karen Berling is a medium who specializes in end-of-life and critical health readings for those who are still in the living.  Karen is a mentor in the Mediumship Mastery Program at Inner Compass.    

Kimberly Thomas is a certified psychic medium with training in medical intuition and the Akashic records.  Kimberly is a mentor in the Mediumship Mastery Program and co-teaches the Soul Seasons Program at Inner Compass.  

The Lily Dale Assembly, located in Lily Dale, New York, is the world's largest center for the religion of Spiritualism.  Lily Dale offers a wide variety of events during their summer camp season that includes workshops, message services, healing services, meditation services, lectures, circles, and much more.  Joanne occasionally serves in many of these areas at Lily Dale.

Martie Hughes is a multi-dimensional seer, certified archetypal consultant and registered medium in Lily Dale, New York.  Joanne was guided through the insightful process of exploring her sacred contract with Martie, who occasionally leads workshops at Inner Compass.

Michael Schlotterbeck is a Spiritualist minister, medium, and teacher specializing in tarot cards, spirit art, and astrology. Michael is a mentor in the Mediumship Mastery Program, and is a guest presenter and instructor, at Inner Compass. 

Mike Mellott is co-pastor of Progressive Spiritualist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, and specializes in palmistry, tarot, and past-life readings.  Mike occasionally leads workshops, and is a guest presenter, at Inner Compass.

Rose Vanden Eynden of Light Journey Enterprises is a good friend and office partner of Joanne and Inner Compass.  Rose, author of So You Want to Be a Medium?Metatron, and Ask a Medium, is much sought-after for mediumship readings.  She also conducts bodywork sessions in a variety of modalities, and leads fun and informative workshops in a variety of metaphysical subjects.

Sandra Anne Taylor is an international speaker, corporate consultant, and psychological counselor based in Cleveland, Ohio, who lectures throughout the world on the power of consciousness and personal energy, as well as the energy dynamics of personal, financial, and relationship success.  Joanne finds her teachings exceptionally empowering.  Sandra occasionally leads workshops at Inner Compass.

Sharon Anne Klingler is an internationally recognized clairvoyant medium and teacher of metaphysics based in Cleveland, Ohio.  Her work has greatly influenced Joanne, who has been a student of Sharon's for several years.  Sharon occasionally leads workshops at Inner Compass.

Sherry Lee Calkins is an internationally known clairvoyant medium and a registered medium in Lily Dale, New York.  She has led hundreds of classes on metaphysical subjects for over 28 years, including the occasional workshop at Inner Compass.  Sherry Lee, who practices a unique form of spirit art she calls Aura Charts, also happens to be Joanne's aunt. 

Susan Hill is a medium, Tarot reader, mixed-media artist, and co-pastor of the Progressive Spiritualist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Susan occasionally leads workshops, and is a guest presenter, at Inner Compass. 

Tom Cratsley is a dynamic healer and teacher well known for his innovative methods of spiritual healing that achieve consistent results.  Tom is also the creator and developer of Restructuring, a powerful counseling tool in which Joanne is trained to facilitate.  We hope to bring Tom to teach at Inner Compass soon.  

The United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church (USCL), where Joanne often serves as a platform medium, lecturer, and guest minister, is located in the Tri County area of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Victor Paruta is the founder of the Victory of Light Expo, the Cincinnati region’s largest and finest metaphysical convention, where Joanne often participates as a reader and workshop leader.  Victor occasionally leads workshops and serves as guest presenter at Inner Compass.

Vivian Schapera is the founder of Four Winds Academy for the Healing Arts and Sciences based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is a well-respected, professional healer and teacher.  Vivian occasionally serves as guest presenter at Inner Compass.  

Virginia Collins, founder of Circle of Inner Light based in Cleveland, Ohio, is Joanne's good friend and colleague (they attended seminary together).  Virginia occasionally leads sacred tours to South America, and spiritual retreats at various locations in Ohio, including Inner Compass.  

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