This section highlights the services offered by certified medium and life coach Joanne Franchina, including mediumship readings; intuitive life coaching; work (and play!) shops; reading parties; group coaching circles; and innovative business coaching.

Use your inner compass, walk your path with joy.

individual sessions

  • Mediumship Readings.  The purpose of a mediumship reading is to communicate to the client loving, healing, and guiding messages from loved ones in spirit...read more.

  • Intuitive Life Coaching.  The purpose of intuitive life coaching is to help the individual client to produce fulfilling outcomes in their life...read more.

  • Deep Dive Sessions.  The purpose of a deep dive session is to explore a specific topic or issue of the client's, and to reach a greater understanding or resolution...read more.

  • Regression Therapy Sessions.  The purpose of a regression therapy session is to explore the planes of consciousness currently impacting the client's spiritual journey...read more.

and group events

  • Work (and Play!) Shops.  Inner Compass offers a variety of workshops, seminars, lectures, and special events...read more

  • Group Coaching Circles.  Group Coaching Circles are available at Inner Compass in a variety of personal development areas...read more
  • Innovative Business Coaching.  The purpose of innovative business coaching is to help the business client to implement key changes that bring meaningful results...read more 

to empower and inspire you

Individual sessions are available by appointment and can be conducted via telephone, or in person at the Inner Compass office in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Group events can be conducted at the client's location or at the Inner Compass office. 

Gift Certificates

Inner Compass gift certificates are always available, and can be used for any Inner Compass service.  Give your loved ones, friends, and other favorite people the gift of self-empowerment and inspiration!  Contact Joanne to purchase your gift certificates. 

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