private reading parties

This section describes Private Reading Parties for groups, a service offered by certified medium and life coach Joanne Franchina.

Reading parties, as well as message circles and message services, are popular with groups and those who are new to mediumship readings.  They are fun and affordable, and allow one's friends and family members to participate.  Please note that all reading parties and message circles take place at the Inner Compass office.

reading party

A Reading Party typically includes from four to eight participants.  I conduct a private mediumship reading for each participant in turn, and the participants socialize among themselves while it is someone else's turn.  Readings are 15-30 minutes each, depending on the number of participants.  

message circle

A Message Circle typically includes from six to twelve participants.  The participants sit together in one or two circles, and I provide a message, or mini-reading, for each participant in turn.  Mini-readings are 10-20 minutes each, depending on the number of participants. 

message service

A Message Service can accommodate larger groups.  All of the participants sit together in a room, and I deliver "gallery style" messages to several of the participants - not necessarily all, although I try to reach as many as possible during the time allotted.  Messages are typically 3-5 minutes each.  

gala option

You can also include a Gala Option for any of these event formats.  This means each reading/message includes a special item inspired by spirit, such as postcards, crystals, or spirit art, and the recipient of the reading/message will receive the item as a token of remembrance from spirit.  Your guests will love these party favors! 

Rates for private reading parties vary by the type and duration of the event, the number of participants, and any options selected.  Please note that all reading parties and message circles take place at the Inner Compass officeInner Compass occasionally offers public Message Circle and Message Service events.  Go to EVENTS for a list of current offerings.  Or contact Joanne to set up your unique event. 


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