innovative business coaching

This section describes Innovative Business Coaching for practitioners and organizations, a service offered by certified medium and life coach Joanne Franchina.

Over the past several years, I've applied my experience as a business analyst and quality assurance manager in the corporate arena and coached entrepreneurs and small businesses to implement key changes that bring meaningful results to the organization and especially, to the lives of the people who work there.  It's a natural extension of my life coaching practice, and I am very pleased to feature this new line of coaching for my business clients. 

The purpose of innovative business coaching is to help the client to implement key changes that bring meaningful results to the organization and especially, to the lives of the people who work there.  Small businesses, autonomous groups within larger organizations, and individuals in key positions such as entrepreneurs, upper managers, and change agents, are especially well suited to the leading-edge processes employed by Inner Compass. 

lunch and learns

Lunch and Learns are a fun and relaxing way for the people in your organization to learn innovative coaching concepts that they can apply to their work lives as well as their home lives.  They consist of a series of facilitated group sessions that are relatively brief (from one-half hour to two hours each) in an innovative business coaching topic, such as Meditation Anywhere or Life Balance.  Introduce your employees to Lunch and Learns and watch your organization become one of the next "Best Places to Work."

work (and play!) shops

I conduct focused learning sessions in a variety of innovative coaching topics for businesses, such as Intuition in the Workplace or Innovative Groupwork.  Following the session, I offer customized coaching for individuals or the group, to help the client effectively apply the knowledge and skills learned during the session.  I also lead more traditional workshops, seminars, and lectures in a variety of topics that are highly relevant and motivating for the organization.  

focus and follow-through

Over a finite series of group and/or individual coaching sessions, I help the client to implement one change at a time that will improve their workplace experience.  That's it: we focus and we follow-through.  Along with a solid foundation in business analysis and quality assurance, my approach to business coaching encompasses the universal principles of manifestation that include intention, attraction, and action.  I also utilize my skills as an intuitive life coach. 

innovative business coaching topics  

  • Life Balance: Integrating work-life & home-life. 
  • Meditation Anywhere: The power of focus, creativity & balance. 
  • Intuition in the Workplace: Tapping into knowledge & wisdom beyond logic. 
  • Energy of the Environment: An aligned & productive workspace. 
  • Innovative Groupwork: New power in numbers. 

Rates for innovative business coaching and learning sessions vary by the group size and the scope of services.  Contact Joanne to schedule a complimentary, preliminary conversation to determine whether innovative business coaching is right for your organization.  To learn about life coaching for individuals, go to INTUITIVE LIFE COACHING for details; for group coaching in personal development areas, go to GROUP COACHING CIRCLES for details. 



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