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This section describes Mediumship Readings for individuals, a service offered by certified medium and life coach Joanne Franchina.

The purpose of a mediumship reading is to communicate to the client loving, healing, and guiding messages from loved ones in spirit. A certified medium through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, New York, I am primarily a clairvoyant medium who is also psychic and intuitive. During a reading, the spirit communication that I receive mediumistically is enhanced by the information that I receive psychically and intuitively. 

A mediumship reading is always intended for the client's personal empowerment and inspiration. A reading may touch on more than one area of the client's life, such as personal growth, spiritual direction, relationships with significant others, family situations, occupations, or health, yet many readings tend to focus on a core issue. Spirit loved ones are identified as their energetic presences are sensed; these are often relatives or friends who have passed into spirit, and occasionally, spiritual guides who are working with the individual's higher self. 

Occasionally, a client may want their reading to focus exclusively on connecting with their loved ones in spirit, or conversely, to focus exclusively on a current situation in their life for which they want guidance.  In either case, the client needs to inform me before the reading begins so that I may set an appropriate intention for the reading.  

Services and Policies

APPOINTMENT TYPES: Sessions are available by appointment only. Sessons may be conducted in person or via telephone. 

RATES & PAYMENT: Rates for an individual reading: 30-minute session, $80; 45-minute session, $120; 60-minute session, $150. 

In-person readings may be paid for at the time of your session via cash, check, or credit card. If you prefer to pay online via PayPal, your online payment must be received in advance of the session, but after you have scheduled your session. 

Telephone readings must be paid for in advance of the session. After you have scheduled your session, you may pay online via PayPal, or you may pay via check or money order (payable to Inner Compass) and mail your payment to the Inner Compass office. All telephone costs must be incurred by the client. 

PRIVATE GROUP READINGS: Private group readings or message circles are also available at the Inner Compass office...read more.  


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