intuitive life coaching

This section describes Intuitive Life Coaching for individuals, a service offered by certified medium and life coach Joanne Franchina.

The purpose of intuitive life coaching is to help the client to produce fulfilling outcomes in their personal, vocational, and spiritual areas of life.  Coaching is typically goal-based and proactive.  Over a series of sessions, I help the client to clarify their intentions, make appropriate choices, and take effective actions, while I support the client in enhancing their inherent skills, resources, and creativity.  

Typical areas of coaching include life purpose; life balance and self-care; personal growth through life changes; spiritual counseling/healing; meditation practice; intuition development; working with higher beings/spirit guides; and spiritual community/leadership.  

My approach to life coaching is based on universal manifestation principles of intention, attraction, and action.  I work with the client to create changes in their energetic patterns on multiple levelsphysically, emotionally, mentally, and spirituallyto help them manifest their desired outcomes.  

Because I am a life coach who also is a clairvoyant medium, psychic and intuitive, during a coaching session I often perceive insights from the client's higher self that ultimately provide the key to achieving their true goals.  This holistic approach to life coachingblending the practical and proven coaching strategies with the intuitive and spiritual insightsensures the highest and best outcome and enhances the client's experience.  

Services and Policies

APPOINTMENT TYPES: Sessions are available by appointment only. Sessons may be conducted in person, or in a distance session via telephone or online via Zoom. 

RATES & PAYMENT: Rates for individual coaching sessions: Initial session is a 90-minute session, $150.  Ongoing sessions: 60-minute session, $150; 90-minuute session, $180. 

In-person coaching sessions may be paid for at the time of your session via cash, check, or credit card. If you prefer to pay online via PayPal, your online payment must be received in advance of the session, but after you have scheduled your session

Distance sessions must be paid for in advance of the session. After you have scheduled your session, you may pay online via PayPal, or you may pay via check or money order (payable to Inner Compass) and mail your payment to the Inner Compass office (payment must be received in advance of the session). All telephone costs must be incurred by the client.  


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