Use your inner compass, let your dreams come true.

January 2020

Creativity abounds at Inner Compass! We are so excited about our newest monthly circle for 2020, Soul Creations: Crafting as a Spiritual Practice. We started the year with Inner-Vision Boards, and have many more inspiring projects planned including Journal Covers, Smudge Fans, Altar Trays, Sun Catchers, and more. What a wonderful way to nurture your inner creative genius - and benefit in untold ways from the merging of art and soul within you. 

All ready to craft uniquely beautiful covers for our journals...

Materials for a potential crafting project with a Native American theme....

Participants crafting an "inner vision" board....

The reading corner, where extraordinary personal transformations happen.

December 2019

Inner Compass Academy and Light Journey Enterprises are on the move again - this time, into a light-filled, combined classroom-and-office space with a smaller overall footprint, just down the hall from their former office suite. The new space is so adaptable and has already been used to host a public message service, a weekend workshop, a group healing event, a crafting class, a development circle, and individual sessions of mediumship readings, past-life regressions, and coaching sessions - and we are pleased to share that the space works magically for all of these configurations! 

All ready for our development circle!

A casual corner for meetings and classroom breaks.

October 2019

Inner Compass was pleased to host another informative and interactive workshop on Mystic Herbalism featuring Melissa Anastasia - this one focused on mindful harvesting and concocting in the spirit of our elders. 

Melissa with concoctions to share and materials for participants to create their own.

Joanne and the legendary Zoltar.

August 2019

Fun and shenanigans in Lily Dale, New York, this summer! 

May 2019

It is always a pleasure to serve Spirit, especially at our annual Fun Fest & Open House, where Inner Compass features the amazing talents of the mediums who have graduated from our Mediumship Mastery Program. 

Mediums in action at our Open House.

All ready for a space-clearing ceremony.

March 2019

Just in time for Spring! Joanne led a workshop on creating sacred space, featuring ceremonies and practices to help participants love their homes and their lives, including creative processes and practical techniques based on wisdom teachings from around the globe.

January 2019

Inner Compass was pleased to start the year with a special Soul Circle featuring our colleague and friend, Melissa Anastasia. We explored the mystical essence of Maiden, Mother, and Crone, and how this Triple Goddess can help us both to tend our spiritual gardens and to be better stewards of our beautiful planet.  

Everything we need to craft our personal Mesa bags.

A lovely portrayal of the Triple Goddess.

An assortment of beautiful and fragrant items from Melissa's company, Uniquely Green Apothecary.

October 2018

Joanne is excited to begin conducting sessions in past-life regression therapy, so a comfy reclining chair is a definite must-have for the office!

Rearranging office furnishings for greater comfort.

Who wouldn't love having this Grand Dame to welcome friends into their home?

July-August 2018

Joanne's annual sojourn to Lily Dale, New York, was a little different this summer, as she took possession of her family's summer cottage and started to make it her own, as she laid her mother's ashes to rest and celebrated with friends and family the beautiful legacy of Jaccolin Franchina's ministry and motherhood, and as she immersed herself in advanced studies and practices to prepare for her next phase of spiritual service - no doubt involving bi-location between Cincinnati and Lily Dale (grin!).  

Flowers and Crown Royal - a fitting tribute and toast to Jaccolin.

The lake at sunset...perfect way to end every day.

July 2018

Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, New York, is a Spiritualist institution providing the highest quality of instruction in many metaphysical and spiritual topics (it's also where Joanne attended Seminary). This summer, Joanne enjoyed the privilege of taking Spiritual Hypnosis instruction from one of the masters - the internationally renowned Dick Sutphen. It just doesn't get much better than this....

Dick Sutphen is as personable as he is brilliant!

Joanne Franchina receiving her hypnotherapy certification from Roberta Sutphen...

...and a congratulatory hug from Dick Sutphen

Obviously a fun class with a great group of people!

June 2018

And the higher teachings continue...Inner Compass Academy was honored to host and sponsor for the first time a "MCKS Pranic Healing® Level One" workshop featuring guest instructor Stephanie Toney. So much knowledge and many practical skills from this advanced energy modality were shared and practiced and assimilated - wow! We are all grateful for these priceless teachings developed by the founder of Pranic Healing, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui. 

May 2018

Joanne and Rose were thrilled to share in the Rite of Passage for this year's graduates of their Mediumship Mastery Program. And what a blessing it is to share in the dreams and legacies of those who came before us. We will not forget!

A lovely sentiment representing the spiritual lineage of all Mediumship Mastery Program participants

Our Year Two graduates

Our Year One graduates...minus one who was traveling

Stephanie Toney explains the many benefits of Pranic Healing.

February 2018

Inner Compass was thrilled to welcome guest instructor Stephanie Toney when she led an "Introduction to Pranic Healing®" event this month. Participants learned a lot about this advanced energy modality, and they got to experiment with feeling and directing energy in some simple exercises that demonstrated the benefits of this very practical approach to energy work.  

November 2017

Another wonderful opportunity to serve spirit and to share inspiration and empowerment with our community at the Victory of Light Expo this fall.  "The good words we say and the good deeds we do are not ours. They are the words and deeds of the One who brought us here." Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run with the Wolves.  


Joanne and her daughter Meredith - keeping it in the family!

Jaccolin Franchina was a beautiful woman who saw beauty in everything and made life more beautiful.

In Memoriam: Jaccolin Franchina, October 23, 1937 - August 26, 2017

It is with love that I let all of you know my mom made her transition into Spirit on August 26, 2017, just a few minutes into that new day. Surrounded by her loved ones, Jaccolin Bess Clark Franchina took her final breath in grace, in beauty, in dignity and in peace. At the time that I write this, words are elusive and meaningless, so I will sit quietly and await inspiration. Love, Joanne

August 2017

Inner Compass hosted an amazing Soul Circle on Mystic Herbalism, featuring Joanne's colleague and friend, Melissa Anastasia. Participants crafted two herbal creations to take home and enjoy, while learning so much about elemental energies and the mysteries of nature.

Melissa Anastasia tending her organic garden.

A ceremony to honor Mother Earth with a love offering.

June 2017

Joanne assisted her dear friend and colleague, Virginia Collins, in presenting a retreat in Lily Dale, New York, this summer to assist women in awakening the sacred feminine using Native American traditions from both North and South America.  

The despacho and medicine wheel offerings are ready.

Joanne and Virginia at the closing ceremony from their teaching weekend.

May 2017

Inner Compass Academy implemented several enhancements to the Mediumship Mastery Program this year; most notably, Joanne and Rose expanded the curriculum and integrated it into an academic calendar.  It seems that with every year, our participants inspire us to a higher achievement of excellence in the program.  This year was no different, and you can see for yourself the results on the faces of our Year One graduates. 

Happy year one graduates!

Joanne Franchina & Rose Vanden Eynden ON THE AIR!

APRIL 2017

Joanne and her office partner, Rose Vanden Eynden, were featured on WKRC's Good Morning Cincinnati television show, and talked with Sheila Grey and Jen Dalton about their upcoming seminar at April's Victory of Light Expo in Cincinnati: Peace Power.  Rose and Joanne shared several simple ways for people to cultivate greater peace in their everyday lives.  

February 2017

Participants in our Soul Circles crafted sacred rattles for themselves to help change their vibration, heal from the past, and reignite their passion.

Natural gourds, uniquely adorned and blessed to make sacred rattles.

Graduates from our Year Two program, after the ceremony and ready to serve.

December 2016

Inner Compass Academy and Light Journey Enterprises graduated a third class from their two-year Mediumship Mastery Program in December.  

Everything is ready for the ceremony to begin.

Gifts of the magi...for our graduating students.

November 2016

The Victory of Light Expo is a favorite local event, where Joanne speaks publicly on a myriad of topics for the spiritual and metaphysical seeker. 

This is where the magic of evidential mediumship happens.

Welcome to our jungle...

September 2016

Joanne is never so aware of the abundance inherent in the Universe as when she is the direct recipient of the immense generosity of her students and clients; Inner Compass has received so many wonderful gifts over the years and we are grateful for them all!  This particular gift also happens to be a noteworthy demonstration of manifestation in action...and Joanne is glad that she follows the advice from that old adage, "Be careful what you wish for!"  What a blessing, and everyone who walks through the doors of this office will benefit from the beauty and wonderful energy that Mother Nature will bestow on all of us for years to come.  

Summer 2016

This summer, Joanne celebrated a decade of spiritual service in the place where everything began for herLily Dale, New York!  It was in 2006, after receiving her ministerial ordination and certifications in mediumship and spiritual healing, that Joanne signed Inner Compass LLC into being.  In the decade since then, Joanne has led hundreds of workshops, and helped thousands of people, to create fabulous lives for themselves by using their inner wisdom in everyday situations.  And only Nature's Cathedral could hold the space for her! 

The Leolyn Woods hold magic and beauty (photo courtesy of Meredith Melvin).

Joanne Franchina & Cindy Kaza catching up in-between Cindy's April shows

April 2016

Joanne was excited to catch up with her colleague and friend, medium Cindy Kaza, after attending Cindy's public mediumship demonstration at the local Funny Bone Comedy Club. It just goes to show that our spirit loved ones can show up anywhere to share a profound or poignant message with us. 

March 2016

We ended the month with a relaxing, inspiring workshop on wire-wrapping led by Jaccolin Franchina, master wire-art craftsperson renowned for her exquisite Jewelry by Jaccolin.  The results speak for themselves! 

Participants amazed themselves with their artistic talents

Participants learned how to cast their dearest intentions to the wind by creating prayer flags

March 2016

We began the month with a "Day of Spirit Art," featuring three excellent workshops: Prayer Flags, where participants learned ways to connect with the unseen forces of the universe through prayer and intention; Automatic Scribbling, where participants used inspired drawings to gain intuitive insight into their questions; and Spirit Portraiture, where participants learned to allow Spirit to blend with them in the creation of evidential pictures of those who have passed over.  

Intention + Acrylic paint + intuition = messages from Spirit

Several Spirit portraits emerged during this group exercise

December 2015

A well-deserved celebration for students who completed Year One and Year Two of the Mediumship Mastery Program.  Congratulations to all!

2015 Year One and Year Two students of the Mediumship Mastery Program after the graduation ceremony

Smiling faces after a little retail therapy for some members of the party

October 2015

Joanne enjoyed a fun and memorable day at the Indiana Association of Spiritualists at Camp Chesterfield this October, along with several of her colleagues, students, and friends. This was a "maiden voyage" to Chesterfield for Joanne and a few others in the group, and what a warm welcome everyone received on this unexpectedly chilly day!  Lunch, a tour of the grounds, some retail therapy, and a card-writing circle—all in all an excellent road trip.  

August 2015

As she does every year, Joanne enjoyed serving and teaching in Lily Dale, New York. This summer, Joanne served at the Healing Temple and taught two workshops: Meditation for Spiritual Seekers, and Self-Care for the Soul.

Prayer ribbons adorn a tree outside of the Healing Temple

Joanne officiating at a vow renewal ceremony

July 2015

It is a joy to lead people through milestone events in their lives and share in their celebrations.  This summer Joanne was honored to officiate a vow renewal ceremony celebrating 25 years of marriage between her office partner, Rose Vanden Eynden, and Rose's husband, Keith. 

July 2015

Ceremony was a prevalent theme both in and out of the Inner Compass office this summer.  At July's Higher Beings Wisdom Circle, several altars were featured, each focusing on a different intention.   

A simple altar supports the intentions of the ceremony

Getting some good publicity for the Mediumship Mastery Program

April 2015

Joanne and Rose were pleased to see the Mediumship Mastery Program so well represented at this year's Victory of Light Expo in Cincinnati, with several students, former students and certified mediums working as professional readers. 

Katy Campolongo & Kimberly Thomas

Michelle Lagaly

Karen Sullivan

Eric Layman & Michael Schlotterbeck

March 2015

Inner compass was thrilled to co-sponsor a lecture this month featuring Eben Alexander, M.D., author of the New York Times' bestselling Proof of Heaven. Dr. Alexander shared the amazing story of his transcendental NDE (near-death experience), in which he was driven to the brink of death and spent a week deep in a coma from an inexplicable brain infection. What makes his story so compelling is that Dr. Alexander is a neurosurgeon, so his is a unique perspective of the scientific possibilities and grand implications, which he also shared. Kudos to the Montgomery Women's Club and their Town Hall Lecture Series for hosting this wonderful event!

Joanne and her mother, Jaccolin, "backstage" with Dr. Eben Alexander before his morning lecture

A vision board for Inner Compass

New Year, 2014-2015

This year, Joanne was inspired to spend some time envisioning what's next, both in her professional life and in her personal life.  Here's a look at the Vision Board she created for Inner Compass, and Joanne looks forward to sharing with all of you the benefits that these initiatives will bring throughout the coming year. 

December 2014

This December marked a significant milestone for the Mediumship Mastery Program that Joanne created with her office partner, Rose Vanden Eynden of Light Journey Enterprises, as they held a course completion ceremony and celebration for graduating students in the program.  Congratulations to all! 

Happy students after our Mediumship Mastery Program course completion ceremony

Excited participants after a weekend of workshops with Joseph Shiel

October 2014

Joanne considers herself very blessed to know a few people who are not only on the spiritual path, but also leading the way. And sometimes, she is fortunate to help bring to her hometown of Cincinnati some of these wonderful people and teachings. This October, Inner Compass was pleased to sponsor a special weekend of events hosted by our friend and colleague, Chad Seibert, that featured the internationally renowned medium and spirit artist, Joseph Shiel. "Embracing Spirit & the Art of Mediumship" was the theme for this wonderful weekend of workshops, and participants enjoyed an interactive lecture on spirit art, a demonstration of mediumship featuring spirit portraiture, and workshops on evidential mediumship and public work.  

September 2014

A good time was had by all at our September Message Circle Event. 

Happy mediums: Joanne Franchina, Brenda Goetz, Andie Hollis & Rose Vanden Eynden

One misty, moisty morning

July 2014

Joanne's summer trek to Lily Dale, New York, was truly inspiring, with Mother Nature generously sharing her magic and majesty all around. 

Grandmother spider weaving her tapestry
The softest of sunsets
May 2014

It was wonder-full to experience another "Day of Spirit Art" at Inner Compass this month, featuring returning instructors Janette Kaye, Susan Hill, and Joanne Franchina. 

Nature objects like stones and shells provide a unique backdrop for inspired art

an amazing portrait of spirit!

Spirit art inspired by Rorschach's ink-blot pictures held many messages

Sharon Anne Klingler & Joanne Franchina having fun after the event

April 2014

Joanne was thrilled to welcome back to Inner Compass her friend and colleague, Sharon Anne Klingler, for another wonderful weekend of workshops on advanced mediumship.  Sharon presented new methods to link with spirit and communicate their messages with ease and confidence.  Sunday's segment also incorporated techniques for using power words to enhance one's mediumship and spiritual evolutionno surprise to us, as Sharon's new book, Power Words, released by Hay House, has been acclaimed as “…the most profound, transformative book ever written on the influence that…language has on our lives." 

March 2014

On March 1st, Inner Compass and Light Journey Enterprises moved into a larger office space next door to their former office.  The new space is more expansive, and very comfortably configured for both individul sessions with clients and small- to mid-sized classes and group events.  The best part about the space is that it is beautifulfilled with light, and every window looks onto natural green space! 

A view of our new reception area

The final day of class for Fellowships of the Spirit's 2013 Advanced Mediumship Tutorial

October 2013

This year, Joanne enjoyed taking a series of advanced mediumship classes at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, New York.  By this, the final day of class, everyone was ready to serve, and to pass along to others in their own time, the legacies of Rev. Elaine Thomas, Rev. Edith Sandy Wendling, and Sir Arthur and Lady Conan Doyle.  As Elaine, the founding pastor of Fellowships, reminded everyone, "We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us." 

August 2013

At our Mystic Message Events, locally renowned psychics, intuitives, and mediums share with audience members gallery-style messages that reflect an expertise in their professional practice.  So far, the messages presented at these events have featured evidential mediumship, animal communication, graphology, past lives, tarot cards, crystals, mediumistic portraiture, spirit guides, ascended masters, and angels.  Joanne and her co-host, Rose Vanden Eynden, are thrilled to celebrate such a broad range of message styles, talents, and specialties, and love working with all of these fabulous presenters! 

Terri Noftsger, Cindy Huff, Rose Vanden Eynden, Joanne Franchina, Victor Paruta & Chad Seibert

Mediums Andie Hollis, Deborah Williams, Amber Ralynn, Joanne Franchina & Rose Vanden Eynden

May 2013

Inner Compass ended the month with another great Message Circle Event, featuring some wonderful, talented mediums. 

May 2013

Joanne was inspired this year to present a new series of offerings titled "Awakening the Sacred Feminine."  The series debuted with a women's spiritual retreat, "The Eagle and Condor in Native American Ceremony," that was led by contemporary medicine woman (and Joanne's dear friend) Virginia Collins.  Participants experienced first-hand the native North and South American healing energies assisting them throughout the weekend in realizing a deeper understanding and harmonizing of their sacred feminine and masculine qualities.  What rewarding work! 

The beautiful Virginia Collins prepares for a session

The altar evolved through the weekend

Ready for the drumming circle

An array of spirit art inspired by the joy guides of a class full of mediumship masters-in-training.

April 2013

The Mediumship Mastery Program, a two-year certification program that Joanne created with help from her co-instructor Rose Vanden Eynden, was well under way when this session took place.  Focusing on spirit guides, the session included a meditation to become familiar with the students' message guides, and a creative process to have a little fun with their joy guides.  Everyone enjoyed this one, and several students went home with glue on their fingers and glitter in their hair! 

April 2013

Another wonderful Victory of Light Expo!  This spring's event was especially rewarding for Joanne, who had worked for several months behind the scenes with Victor Paruta, the Expo's founder, to bring to Cincinnati two teachers who have been instrumental in Joanne's spiritual development over many years: internationally renowned medium Sharon Anne Klingler, and her sister and New York Times bestselling author Sandra Anne Taylor. 

The "Tree of Knowledge" that displays information about upcoming workshops at Inner Compass

Auragraphs created during class

March 2013

Spirit art is such an inspired, and inspiring, way to connect with your loved ones in spirit, and for them to communicate their messages to you.  And Inner Compass was thrilled to present an entire "Weekend of Spirit Art Exploration" with three talented instructors: Janette Kaye of Dayton, Ohio, Susan Hill of Indianapolis, Indiana, andyours trulyJoanne Franchina of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Two subjects of spirit portraiture (a loved one & a spirit guide) created during class

Inspirational art on found objects created during class
March 2013

Crystal grids are powerful tools for manifestation, and participants at Inner Compass' workshop were fortunate to receive excellent instruction on creating and using them by certified master of crystology Becky McCleery.  What a great way to start the month!

Joanne Franchina with Becky McCleery after the workshop

Participants created a crystal grid to promote healing

A sample crystal grid for intuitive development

Even for the beginner's class we start with high quality materials

February - April 2013

What beauty emerges when creativity is encouraged and cultivated!  A sincere thank you to Jaccolin Franchina, for sharing her wisdom and several secrets of her trade in a thoroughly enjoyable workshop on wirewrapping.  We are all eager to practice, and look forward to the next class in your series. 

The results after a few short hours under the tutelage of master-craftswoman, Jaccolin Franchina

A unique design created by Jaccolin works beautifully for participants with crystals to wrap
November 2012

It was fun to celebrate the Victory of Light Expo's 20th Anniversary this November.

We are really excited to get this event started!

Meredith Melvin a moment after her public message service debut

October 2012

It's a truth universally acknowledged that the Universal Light Expo in Columbus, Ohio, makes for a refreshing weekend getaway.  This year was especially fun because Joanne gave a presentation (her  passion!) there for the first time.  And her daughter, Meredith Melvin, made a debut of her own in giving messages at the gala mediumship demonstration co-hosted by Joanne and her office partner, Rose Vanden Eynden.  

August 2012

In this summer workshop, "Creating Sacred Space," participants practiced with a variety of tools for space-clearing and space-blessing, including the ones shown on this altar.

Altar with tools to clear and bless a space

African Djembe hand drums and a variety of percussion instruments

August 2012

There is more to meditation than sitting quietly and stilling the mind; in fact, there are meditations to suit everyone's preferences and lifestyles.  At month's end, Inner Compass featured a Meditation/Drum Circle with guest facilitator Bob Laake of Rhythm for Wellness.  Bob introduced us to authentic African rhythms and songs as we explored the language of the African Djembe hand drum, found our drumming voices and personal rhythms, and made in-the-moment music!  

Joanne Franchina & Bob Laake pause for a moment during setup

Happy drummers
July-August 2012

A few of Joanne's favorite spots in Lily Dale, New York....

The beach at sunset

The lake pavillion

Magic happens here

A quiet park

A place for reflection

Participants create visual symbols of their spiritual gifts

July 2012

This summer's featured workshop in Lily Dale, New York, "Joyful and Creative Expression through Your Spiritual Gifts," became a labor of love for the participants as well as the instructors, which included Joanne, her mother, Jaccolin Franchina, and her daughter, Meredith Melvin.

The inner artist comes out to play....

The final quilt--a collage of each person's unique gifts expressing themselves in the world
June 2012

Clairvoyant Message Circle Events are very popular with groups and those who are new to intuitive readings---and no wonder!  They are fun and affordable, and allow one's friends and family members to participate.  What happens in a message circle?  Well, a handful of participants sit in a circle with a clairvoyant medium, who provides a message, or mini-reading, for each participant in turn.

Tom Bohl, Judy Brooks, Joanne Franchina, Mary Lynn Crawford & Jane DeVore at our message circles

The altar for an empowerment ceremony with the Ascended Masters

May 2012

Ceremony and ritual are important Seventh Ray processes that can help you to initiate and integrate changes in your life that honor your soul's purpose and your path of spiritual service.  This is a simple altar Joanne and her co-instructor, Rose Vanden Eynden, created for an empowerment ceremony that was part of their weekend workshop intensive, "Working with the Ascended Masters."

May 2012

Joanne was thrilled for Inner Compass to present a special evening lecture featuring Victor Paruta this Spring, and with good reason: Victor's compelling and fascinating talk, "Exploring Past Lives," made a big impact on the participants, and the positive comments have continued to pour in!

Joanne Franchina & Victor Paruta after Victor's lecture

Rose Vanden Eynden, Joanne Franchina, Jaccolin Franchina at the Victory of Light Expo in April 2012

April 2012

Another adventure at Cincinnati's largest and finest metaphysical event, the Victory of Light Expo!  Highlights included the funnest gala mediumship demonstration (ever!), a workshop in which the participants amazed themselves with their intuitive skills, and great times at our new booth space.  Can't wait for the next one...

October 2011

Another first for Cincinnati and Inner Compass: Joanne was thrilled to welcome Martie Hughes, multi-dimensional seer, certified archetypal consultant, and registered medium in Lily Dale, New York, to the Cincinnati region to teach a wonderful workshop on archetypes.  Do you know where your sacred contract is?

Joanne Franchina & Martie Hughes after Martie's full-day workshop

Meredith Melvin & Joanne Franchina having a mother-daughter moment
October 2011

Joanne's first time as a vendor at the Universal Light Expo in Columbus, Ohio, was (can you guess?) fun, especially because she shared a booth with her wonderful office partner-in-crime, Rose Vanden Eynden, and she was assisted by her lovely and talented daughter, Meredith Melvin.  Special thanks to Marie Sword, the most generous soul on the planet, for making it possible—you're the best!

September 2011

Cincinnati loves Sandra Anne Taylor, and Inner Compass knows why!  Her September workshops on past lives and the power of magnetism exceeded everyone's expectations.  And we couldn't have pulled it off without our support team, shown here: Meredith Melvin, Joanne Franchina, Sandra, Rose Vanden Eynden, and Sherri Sink.  Thanks, everyone!

Meredith Melvin, Joanne Franchina, Sandra Anne Taylor, Rose Vanden Eynden, Sherri Sink

An altar featuring a floral centerpiece, crystal grid, and elemental symbols of the four directions
July 2011

This is an altar Joanne and her co-instructor, Rose Vanden Eynden, created for an empowerment ceremony that was part of their summer workshop in Lily Dale, New York, "Gifts of the Goddesses." 

April - May 2011

Everyone really, really (REALLY!) has so much fun at Inner Compass events.  This is "the team that made things happen" at Sharon Anne Klingler's weekend of workshops this year: featuring Sharon of Starbringer Associates, Virginia Collins of Circle of Inner Light (Joanne's dear friend and colleague from seminary), and the event co-sponsors, Rose Vanden Eynden of Light Journey Enterprises, Jaccolin Franchina of Jewelry by Jaccolin, and of course, Joanne Franchina of Inner Compass. 

Joanne Franchina, Virginia Collins, Sharon Anne Klingler, Jaccolin Franchina, Rose Vanden Eynden

Joanne Franchina & Rose Vanden Eynden having fun yet again!
April 2011

The obviously psychic Rose Vanden Eynden and Joanne Franchina at the Victory of Light Expobut then again, absolutely everyone in our booth got the memo about which colors were "in" this spring! 

Winter 2010

Inner peace can now be found in your back pocket or your purse!  Pocket Meditation cards from Inner Compass: carry them with you wherever you go....

Inner Compass pocket meditation cards

Meredith Melvin, Joanne Franchina & Jaccolin Franchina at the Victory of Light Expo

November 2010

Three generations of mediums, who also happen to be fifth-, sixth-, and seventh-generation Spiritualists, all having a blast at the Victory of Light Expo this fall!  And while everyone has innate intuitive, psychic, and mediumistic abilities, the river is both wide and deep in this family.  Joanne considers herself very blessed to share these gifts with her mother and her daughter.... 

April 2010

What an inspiring weekend everyone had at Sharon Klingler's workshops this year!   Sharon presented her popular "Messages from Beyond" event, as well as two intensive workshops.  The focus of the workshops was the individual's path of service, and how to work with the Ascended Masters and utilize the energies of the Seven Rays to assist with one's personal spiritual development. 

Rose Vanden Eynden, Joanne Franchina, Sharon Klingler, Virginia Collins & Jaccolin Franchina

Joanne Franchina in the auditorium at Lily Dale

July & August 2009

Joanne had a great time on the lecture circuit in Lily Dale, New York, during her visits there.  While Joanne has led several workshops in Lily Dale, this was her "maiden voyage" presenting at the daily Lecture and Clairvoyant Service in the Auditorium in July.   It was especially fun because Joanne shared the platform with an internationally recognized medium who also happens to be her aunt, Gretchen Clark.  Joanne had just as much fun her second time presenting in August, when she shared the platform with another aunt, Sherry Lee Calkins.  In the future, Joanne hopes to share the platform with her mother!  (Which she did the following year). 

March 2009

Who would have guessed that a weekend intensive of advanced mediumship instruction could be so much fun?  It's really no surprise when you're lucky enough to have internationally known medium and author Sharon Anne Klingler as your instructor! 

Smiling faces during a workshop with Sharon Anne Klingler

Mediums Judy Brooks, Christine Sabick, Tom Bohl & Jaccolin Franchina

March 2009

Clairvoyant Message Circle Events are very popular with groups and those who are new to intuitive readings - and no wonder! They are fun and affordable, and allow one's friends and family members to participate. What happens in a message circle? Well, a handful of participants sit in a circle with a clairvoyant medium, who provides a message, or mini-reading, for each participant in turn.

November 2008

Joanne, Jaccolin, and Rose teamed up at the Victory of Light Expo to share booth space for the first time; everyone had such a good time, and the tradition continues....

The trio: Jaccolin Franchina, Rose Vanden Eynden & Joanne Franchina

Judy Braucher answers questions after demonstrating a healing technique for participants

September 2008

Joanne and her son participated in a vibrational healing event for animals in Cincinnati led by Judy Braucher, a well known animal communicator and Reiki Master.

Joanne Franchina practicing the fine art of healing with carrots

Joanne's son learns first-hand that laughter is the best medicine of all---but who is healing whom?

August 2008

We all had such fun at Mary Kurnick Maass' Cincinnati workshop about Spirit Art. 

Mary Maass & her husband Les at the workshop

Crystal grid used during Gene & Barbara Jackson's workshop

August 2008

What a fantastic time we had attending and sponsoring a "Crystal Wisdom" workshop in Cincinnati, led by Gene and Barbara Jackson, aka The Crystal Guy.

August 2008

It is fun to lead a workshop with one's relatives!  In the workshop "Up Close & Personal," first presented in Lily Dale in 2008, Joanne, her mother, Jaccolin, and her aunt, Gretchen, told lots of personal stories about their family's experiences with mediumship, healing, and Spiritualism over the past several generations.  Also offered at Inner Compass, the workshop has helped to empower participants by teaching them about personal mediumship, healing, and meditation. 

"Up Close & Personal" in Lily Dale: Jaccolin Franchina, Gretchen Clark & Joanne Franchina

The lake view from Friendship Park in Lily Dale

June - August 2008

Some photos of Lily Dale, New York, during the Summer Camp Season.

Inspiration stump, where outdoor message services are held

Preparations are underway for a sweat lodge ceremony on the beach

Another lake view

The auditorium

April 2008

Inner Compass was pleased to welcome to Cincinnati for the first time as a guest instructor Sharon Anne Klingler, internationally known author, medium, and Joanne's good friend and colleague.  Since then, Sharon's excellent weekend workshops have become an annual tradition to which everyone looks forward!  

Sharon Anne Klingler (2nd from left) with Jaccolin Franchina, Joanne Franchina & Rose Vanden Eynden

Joanne Franchina at her second public lecture

December 2006

And one from the archives. This photo was taken during Joanne's second-ever public lecture in Cincinnati, just a few short weeks after she opened her professional practice. The venue was the former Spiritualist Church of Light and Hope, an inspiring organization to many people in the area. The photo is used here with kind permission from the photographer, Jim Gormley.     

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