Joanne's summer trek to Lily Dale, New York, will span several weeks this year, with occasional trips back to Cincinnati. Joanne is leading three workshops (details below) and two lectures at the Lily Dale Assembly. When Joanne is not teaching, you will likely find her serving and participating at some of the daily events at the Lily Dale Assembly and at Fellowships of the Spirit (where Joanne attended seminary), such as the meditation services, healing services, outdoor message services, and Sunday worship services. And especially, enjoying time with family and friends! 

Lily Dale Assembly & Fellowships of the Spirit, Lily Dale, New York. 

Sacred Feminine Awakening: Eagle & Condor in Ceremony
with Joanne Franchina & Virginia Collins

The native North and South American healing energies are ready to assist you in harmonizing your sacred feminine and masculine qualities.

Prophecy of Eagle & Condor. In the mists of history, humanity took different paths - of Eagle (rational/material brain) or Condor (intuitive/mystical heart). The prophecy stated that Eagle would overpower Condor to the verge of extinction – then, hundreds of years later, Condor and Eagle would have the chance to reunite and fly along a single harmonious path. Humanity is now approaching this new epoch of mutual respect between masculine and feminine, in which all may live in harmony.

During this two-day retreat, we will ignite our inner wisdom and balance our inner masculine and feminine energies for the greater good of all living things:

  • Shamanic Journey. Travel to the invisible worlds and retrieve information to help you live with greater meaning and purpose.
  • Medicine Wheel Create a ceremonial stone circle that symbolizes harmony, connection, and peaceful interaction among all living beings.
  • Living the Prophecy. Learn to invoke healing energies from the natural world to help you experience the sacred in everything, every day. 
  • Drum Circle. Communicate with Spirit and each other in healing, meditative dance. 
  • Despacho/Medicine Bundle. Experience a ceremonial act of love by making a Despacho offering to the mountains, Mother Earth and other nature spirits, and be reminded of the connections we share with all.
Emerge from your inner space inspired and empowered to live a beautiful, harmonious life with confidence, compassion, and courage!
Weather permitting, some activities will occur outdoors. Others include lying on the floor, walking, and other movement. For those with mobility challenges, contact Lily Dale to discuss how we might adapt activities to enable your full participation. Bring: Comfortable clothes for indoors/outdoors; lawn chair; yoga mat or blanket; drum or rattle; $1 bill; pen and paper. 

DATES & TIMES: Friday & Saturday, July 19-20.
  Friday, 9:30 am - 10 pm (includes breaks for lunch & dinner); Saturday, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm.
PRICE: $275

INSTRUCTORS: Joanne Franchina & Virginia Collins.
Lily Dale Assembly, Lily Dale, New York 

Sacred Space: Ceremonies & Practices to Find Your Way Home
with Joanne Franchina

Embrace your space! Create a sanctuary in your home – or workspace – based on wisdom teachings from around the globe. Experience inspirational processes to discover the “next right step” to take in your life – and in your home – that will reawaken your creativity and allow your dreams to flourish. Learn practical things like: 
  • How to clear the energy in a room
  • How to infuse a space with vitality and purpose
  • Best practices for decluttering
  • Tips for outdoor spaces.
You'll get practice time to apply these powerful techniques, and you'll also take home special tools that you can use to help you create sacred space wherever you go. 

DATE & TIME: Wednesday, July 31, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm.
LOCATION: Octagon Building.
PRICE: $110Materials Fee for Toolkit payable to instructor: $30.00. 
INSTRUCTOR: Joanne Franchina.
INFO & REGISTRATION: Lily Dale AssemblyLily Dale, New York 

Inner Vision Quest: Find Your Passion, Purpose & Path
with Joanne Franchina
You hear your Spirit softly calling, “You are a sacred gift, vital to the well-being and evolution of the world. Your presence is requested.” In this inspiring mini-retreat, you will explore your passion, purpose, and path through journeying, healing and ceremonial intention.
  • The Journey.  Walk the inner landscape of your psyche.  Explore the nature of your gifts and the path that your Spirit has chosen.
  • Crossroads.  Remove stumbling blocks from your consciousness and clear the way to a free and full experience of love, peace, and joy.
  • Trailblazing.  Create a map of visual and linguistic landmarks – thematic symbols to help you make your way in the world.
  • Homecoming.  Invoke the support of the Universe and celebrate the Wisdom in which your spiritual path is grounded. 

Return to everyday life a changed person—answer the call of your Spirit with a renewed intention to live the sacred gift your truth.

DATE & TIME: Monday, August 12, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm.
PRICE: $55.  
INSTRUCTOR: Joanne Franchina.
INFO & REGISTRATION: Lily Dale Assembly, Lily Dale, New York 

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