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This section describes Regression Therapy Sessions for individuals, a service offered by certified medium, hypnotist, and life coach Joanne Franchina.

The purpose of Regression Therapy Sessions is to explore relevant information from the client's "other than conscious" self to empower the client in their current life.  During the session I guide the client into a deeply relaxed, meditative state that enables them to access information from their higher soul, as well as from their subconscious; in this state, the client experiences vignettes, impressions, and knowledge directly.  Then I support the client in integrating relevant information to empower them in current life situations.  For example, regression therapy sessions may help the client to see personal relationships from a new perspective; release traumas at the root of physical conditions; let go of fears and limiting beliefs; align with their spiritual path; and connect with their spiritual guidance and intuitive abilities.  

Because I am a certified hypnotist who is also a clairvoyant medium and intuitive life coach, during a regression session I often receive impressions alongside the client and even perceive insights from the client's higher self that help me to guide them through the session.  This multifaceted approachblending practical and proven regression strategies with spiritual and intuitive insightsensures the highest and best outcome and enhances the client's experience.  And on the rare occasion that a client is not successful in regressing, during our remaining session time I may "tune in" on behalf of the client to receive guidance and insights from their spiritual teachers and higher soul.  

Typical areas of regression therapy include Past Life Exploration; Current Life Purpose; and Spiritual Connection and Guidance.  

Past Life Exploration.  Past life memories are a collection of personal stories that help to explain who a person is and why they are here; in a sense, these stories comprise the autobiography of the higher soul.  During a past life regression session, the client accesses information and impressions from one or more past lifetimes (and occasionally, from states in-between lifetimes, or even from the current lifetime).  The client perceives and experiences these impressions directly, with the help of a trained hypnotist (this is different from a past life reading, in which the client would listen to a clairvoyant medium describe the medium's impressions about a past life that the client had lived). Past-life regression sessions may help the client to see personal relationships from a new perspective; release traumas at the root of physical conditions; let go of fears and limiting beliefs; and gain a better understanding of the circumstances and lessons in their current lifetime.

Current Life Purpose.  In many spiritual traditions it is thought that everyone has a divine purpose, and the higher soul participates in planning the major lessons and events that a person may experience in their lifetime.  During a life purpose regression session, the client regresses to a time and space in-between lifetimes, when their higher soul made decisions about the potential paths their life might include.  With a trained hypnotist to facilitate, the client may receive insights or clues about a major direction for their life or perhaps about the next step to take on their current spiritual path.  

Spiritual Connection and Guidance.  The purpose of a spiritual connection and guidance regression session is to enhance the client's natural abilities and to aid them in connecting directly with their spiritual guides, teachers, and loved ones.  While regressed and with an experienced hypnotist to direct them, the client may reach a state of consciousness from which they can access abilities and information that might have seemed "out of reach" prior to the session.  The possibilities are extensive, and may include the activation, energizing, and fine-tuning of latent spiritual gifts, including intuitive faculties.  

Services and Policies

APPOINTMENT TYPES: Sessions are available by appointment only. At this time, all sessons must be conducted in person. 

RATES & PAYMENT: Rates for individual regression therapy session: 120-minute session, $210. 

Regression therapy sessions may be paid for at the time of your session via cash, check, or credit card. If you prefer to pay online via PayPal, your online payment must be received in advance of the session, but after you have scheduled your session. 

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