APRIL 2019


Joanne Franchina and Inner Compass Academy are pleased to present a magical workshop led by our colleague and friend, Melissa Anastasia!

We're sorry, this workshop is being rescheduled for October...please check back for details

Mystical Herbalism
with Melissa Anastasia

Let’s discuss how the traditional approach to herbalism is enhanced when intertwined with mysticism - the magical, mystical energies of the universe: the elements, moon phases, and the power of our own intention.  Let’s journey together to explore herbalism - both traditional and mystical - and how this ancient craft awakens our spirit and soul.  This hands-on, interactive workshop is suitable for budding herb lovers as well as seasoned herbal enthusiasts.  Topics incude: 

  • What is herbalism? How does traditional and mystical herbalism differ?
  • How to create your own herbal remedies with a dash of magic and mysticism (infusions, decoctions, tinctures, ...)
  • What are solar and lunar infusions' magical benefits?
  • How to increase the vibrations and energetics in your creations through ceremony
  • How to use different mystical elements to charge and energize your concoctions - crystals, moon phases, the elements, color etc. etc.
  • The importance of including your ancestors, spirit guides and elementals in the process of your creations
  • The importance of showing gratitude for the plant’s medicine that it bestows on you (you’re growing a relationship with the herbs – what does that look like?)

Students will craft an herbal creation of their choice - either an herbal tea blend, a tincture, or a decoction - to take home (this is included in the cost of the workshop).  Students may opt to craft additional herbal creations for an additional materials fee of $5 each (payable directly to the instructor).  All materials provided.  Herbal creations from Melissa's Uniquely Green Apothecary will also be available for sale during the workshop.  

DATE & TIME: Sunday, April 28, 1 - 4 pm.  We're sorry, this workshop is being rescheduled for October...please check back for details.
LOCATION: Inner Compass Academy, 10901 Reed Hartman Hwy Ste 101, Cincinnati OH 45242.
PRICE: $55; early registrations (by April 14) $45. Includes one herbal creation to take home.  
PLEASE NOTE: Limited space available, and there is a minimum number of participants required to hold this workshop. 
GUEST INSTRUCTOR: Melissa Anastasia.  


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Melissa Anastasia is a lover of nature, conjurer of plant medicine, and walker with the fae. She has received her herbal training with Rosemary Gladstar (Science and Art of Herbalism), with Juliet Blankespoor (Chestnut School of Herbalism), and with Asia Suler (Intuitive Plant Medicine).  Melissa is also a trained in Healing Touch and a Registered Nurse.  melissa.anastasia@cinci.rr.com.  

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