We're excited to host our first virtual Pranic Healing Clinic!  The May, 2020 clinic will be held in Inner Compass' virtual classroom and attendance will be limited to prior participants; we hope to open these clinics to the general public in the near future....
Here is how it will work for May. A few days before the clinic, prior participants will be sent an email notification; those who plan to attend can register online from this webpage. The day before the circle, those who have registered will be sent another email containing a direct link to the Zoom meeting where our circle will take place. The day of the circle, you will simply join the Zoom meeting at the scheduled meeting time. 

Joanne Franchina and Inner Compass are so pleased to host a FREE monthly Pranic Healing® Clinic featuring guest facilitators Joanne Miller, Libby Lappin & Tina Weisenberger.

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with Joanne Miller, Libby Lappin & Tina Weisenberger

Experience the miracle of Pranic Healing®. Join us for a free Pranic Healing® Clinic that is offered as a service to the community. Pranic Healing® is an effective and powerful no-touch healing modality developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui that uses "life force energy" or Prana (also known as Chi, Ki, and Ruah) to heal physical and emotional ailments. Pranic Healing® works successfully with ailments ranging from stress, back pain, asthma, and arthritis, to traumas, phobias and addiction. 

In this monthly clinic, participants will experience this advanced energy modality for themselves with a group healing meditation. Then participants may sit for a mini-healing session with one of the Pranic Healing® facilitators or practitioners.  

Invite your friends and loved ones to experience Pranic Healing!  

Make the Most of the Clinic: Do not wear leather, silk, or crystals to the healing sessions. After the session, rest or follow your normal routine but refrain from excessive exercise or activities. Preferably do not shower or wash the treated area for 12 hours after the session (this ensures assimilation of energy). 

DATE & TIME: Second Monday of each month in 2020, 7 - 9 pm.

LOCATION: In our "virtual classroom" online via Zoom. Details will be emailed to participants.

PPRICE: Free/Love Donation.

GUEST FACILITATORS: Joanne Miller, Libby Lappin & Tina Weisenberger. Joanne Franchina, host.

REGISTRATION: Participants must preregister for all virtual events. 


ONLINE REGISTRATION...Register & pay now

Request to join this group and receive reminder notices about the Pranic Healing Clinic, as well as other Inner Compass events. 


JOANNE MILLER is a Pranic healer who combines a life-long interest in nutrition and alternative healing with extensive professional experience as an engineer.  After completing her formal training in Pranic Healing and serving in healing clinics for several years, Joanned opened her professional practice in 2010.  Since then, Joanne has successfully assisted many clients in achieving their own healing by working with their energetic patterns on all levels: Physical, emotional, and mental.  Help your body to heal itself!  www.pranichealingjoannemiller.com or millerphcincy@gmail.com.  
More About Pranic Healing®
Pranic Healing® is based on two principles:
  • The body has the ability to heal and repair itself.
  • The principle of Life Force Energy, which states that life force energy, or Prana (aka Chi, Ki, and Ruah) surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body.  

 How much Prana a person has determines how fast the body heals.  Therefore, increasing the life force of a person in the affected areas of the body increases the self-recovery mechanism of the body.  

This energy is also found in the sun, air, earth, food, herbs, and so forth.  The physical body and the "energy body" are so intimately connected and related that what affects one affects the other and vice versa.  If there is something wrong in the energy field, it also manifests in the physical body.  In Pranic Healing®, we work on the energy field - specifically, on areas and Chakras (energy centers in the body) that are affected by the ailment - to accelerate the healing process. 

Pranic Healing® is a no-touch and complementary (not alternative) healing modality.  It is meant to enhance and complement your medical treatment, and not to replace it.  

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