MAY 2020

Inner Compass Academy is pleased to welcome guest instructor Stephanie Toney to Inner Compass, to lead her popular - and free - Introduction to Pranic Healing. Please join us! You'll be glad you did, and likely want to learn even more at our in-depth, Level 1 workshop later this month....

with Stephanie Toney

Join Pranic Healing® certified instructor, Stephanie Toney, to learn about this advanced energy modality.  In this fun, interactive workshop we will learn about using prana to improve all areas of our life. Pranic healing can be used for enhancing our spiritual connection, de-stressing, calming the mind, increasing energy level, relieving aches and pains, and so much more.  

In this session we will be guided to scan or feel prana with our hands; we will discuss the chakras; do fun experiments with energy; we will learn proper breathing techniques and simple-yet-effective, self-healing methods for stress relief and pain reduction; we will experience inner peace and increased intuition through Twin Hearts meditation; and so much more.  Everyone will receive a meditation DVD.

Pranic Healing
 offers a grounded and practical approach to energy work that is appropriate for anyone. It can be used to improve our spirituality, finances, emotional well being, and physical health. Come check it out!

DATE & TIME: Friday, October 4, 7 - 9 pm.
LOCATION: Inner Compass Academy.
PRICE: FREE/Love Donation (but please pre-register with us so we know to expect you).
GUEST INSTRUCTOR: Stephanie Toney. 


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Stephanie Toney is an Associate Certified Pranic Healer and licensed instructor of MCKS Pranic Healing®. Stephanie came across Pranic Healing in 2012 while searching for holistic ways to help heal & relieve pain for her family members. She loves the logical and practical approach to energy work that Pranic Healing offers. Stephanie is passionate about teaching others, both beginners and those seasoned in energy work. Her interest in spirituality and energy, combined with her career at a government agency, has given her a unique and balanced perspective which she brings to her classes. In addition to Pranic Healing Stephanie dabbles in photography and practices yoga. stephanie@pranichealing.com, www.pranichealing.com.

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