December 2019

mystic message event

message event featuring gallery-style psychic, intuitive, and mediumistic messages with hosts Joanne Franchina and Rose Vanden Eynden, and special guests. 

Joanne Franchina and Rose Vanden Eynden are pleased to present an all-message service like no other!  In this Mystic Message Event, locally renowned psychics, intuitives, and mediums will share gallery-style messages with audience members.  We are thrilled to offer an event of this caliber that celebrates such a broad range of message styles, talents, and specialties. 

Each presenter will share with the audience messages that reflect an expertise in their professional practice.  These may include, for example, mediumistic messages from spirit loved ones such as relatives or friends who have crossed over; messages from pets (those that are in spirit or those that are still with us); messages from other spirit beings, such as angels, spirit guides, totem animals, elementals, or ascended masters; or messages that are inspired by flowers, spirit art, crystals, tarot cards, or other objects.  They may utilize a specific form of divination, such as numerology, astrology, or psychometry.  They may provide an exemplary demonstration of a psychic or intuitive gift, such as medical intuition, or the ability to read energy fields, auras, or past lives.  They may help audience members to connect with their spirit loved ones themselves, or to receive insights from their higher selves.  And there's sure to be other specialties along the way....

This evening's event features various forms of Spirit Art: Chad Seibert and Janette Kay will demonstrate evidential mediumship in tandem with Spirit Portraiture; Terry Hatton will present messages featuring Spirit-Inspired Abstract ArtworkKathryn Lakin's messages will feature Intuitive Paintings; and Joanne Franchina will incorporate Auragraphs into her messages from spirit (we're sorry, Rose cannot join us this time).  Everyone is sure to be inspired by the demonstrations, and several audience members will receive a personal message from one of the presenters.  Join us for an enchanting evening, and open to your highest potential as you listen to loving, healing and guiding messages from the diversities of universal life force energy and cosmic consciousness! 

DATE & TIME: Friday, December 6, 7 - 9 pm.
LOCATION: 10901 Reed Hartman Highway, Suite 121, Cincinnati OH 45242.  
PRESENTERS: Joanne Franchina, host.  Special guests Chad Seibert, Janette Kaye, Terry Hatton & Kathryn Lakin. 
PRICE: $25. Pre-registration strongly recommended; limited seating.


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An evidential medium and intuitive development coach, Chad offers personal sessions by phone and in person at his private office in Cincinnati, Ohio. He teaches classes on intuitive and mediumship development and is honored and humbled to pass on all that he has learned from the many great teachers who have helped him on his journey.  Chad demonstrates his mediumship publicly and is a Certified Medium, course instructor and former Director of Education with the United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church.  Always endeavoring to improve his work to better help others, Chad pursues advanced mediumship training under the tutelage of internationally recognized medium Janet Nohavec with The Journey Within Spiritualist Church in New Jersey. chadseibert@gmail.com.



Janette Kaye is a psychic medium and spirit artist focused on helping people discover a greater awareness and sense of wholeness in their lives.  Trained as an evidential medium, her professional work as an intuitive medium began in 2006, and she provides services in spirit portraiture, intuitive life readings, and facilitative remote healing. www.janettekaye.net.



Terry Hatton grew up with spirits in her house and as a teenager, often knew things were going to happen before they actually did. Through the years Terry's understanding of her visions, feelings, and predictions grew, and after she retired from teaching, Terry chose a new spiritual path and developed her mediumship, discovering a passion for Spirit-inspired, abstract painting along the way. A certified professional psychic medium since 2018, today Terry conducts readings for individuals and groups, sells her artwork, and marvels at the amazing blessings that come from serving Spirit.  terryhattonpsychicmedium.com



Kathryn Lakin is an intuitive artist who teaches and uses many different art forms including graphic design. Kathy has had lifetime experience with art and desire to connect with Spirit. Kathy’s life experience is varied with 15 years as a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles. Her connection, for the past 20-plus years, in 12-step programs has been instrumental in deepening her spiritual connection, developing intuition and mentoring skills. In the past five years the art and the intuition has merged together in the most amazing way. Kathy has developed a technique to communicate with spirit through her drawings, to help herself and others to connect with loved ones who have passed and better deal with life's issues.  Intuitartreadings@gmail.com 



Joanne Franchina is an intuitive life coach and the founder of Inner Compass Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio. A certified medium and ordained minister with Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, New York, Joanne leads workshops in mediumship development, creative manifestation, and other metaphysical disciplines. She has written for regional and national publications, been a featured guest for radio, and lectured at expos and other events throughout the country. Joanne teaches people how to create fabulous lives for themselves by using their inner wisdom in everyday situations. www.YourInnerCompass.com.



Rev. Rose Vanden Eynden is a certified medium with the Indiana Association of Spiritualists at Camp Chesterfield and an ordained minister with the United Spiritualists of the Christ Light Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has been featured in Midwestern newspapers and television news programs, has published several metaphysical articles in national magazines, and has hosted a spiritual radio show.  She is the author of three nonfiction books: So You Want to be a Medium?  Metatron, and Ask A Medium, all published through Llewellyn Worldwide.  Her first novel, Merlin's Raven, was released in April 2012 through Soul Mate Publishing.  www.vandeneynden.biz.   

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