deep dive sessions

This section describes Deep Dive Sessions for individuals, a service offered by certified medium and life coach Joanne Franchina.

The purpose of a deep dive session is to explore in depth a specific topic or issue of the client's.  Each session is uniquely structured, and may include components of mediumship, life coaching, spiritual counseling, and/or spiritual healing.  Inner Compass currently offers two types of deep dive sessions. 

Life Path Session.  A Life Path Session includes elements of life coaching and a mediumship reading, and focuses on the client's path in life: where you are, what your spirit planned before you incarnated, where you're currently headed, and what steps you can take for your highest and best good.  One way that it differs from a mediumship reading is that it typically does not include identification of the client's loved ones who are in spirit--the primary source of the information given in these sessions is the client's own spirit, or higher self, although occasionally, a higher spiritual guide may wish to be identified to the client for a specific reason. 

Restructuring* Session (for established coaching clients).  A Restructuring Session includes elements of spiritual counseling and spiritual healing, and focuses on resolving a pervasive issue in the client's life.  Restructuring gets to the source of the unwanted dynamic and facilitates healing on multiple levelsphysically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually—helping the client to release unconscious/reactive patterns to past trauma, and to restore "lost" resources.  The session includes a light regression; identification of dysfunctional patterns and their somatic anchors; affirmations of release and restoration; breathwork; and visualization. 

* Restructuring is a powerful counseling tool developed by Tom Cratsley, a dynamic healer and teacher well known for his innovative methods of spiritual healing that achieve consistent results. 

APPOINTMENT TYPES: Sessions are available by appointment only and may be conducted in person, or in a distance session via telephone (Life Path session only) or online via Zoom.

SCHEDULING: Each session is different; most are completed in 90 minutes, but please allow for 120 minutes when planning your day.  Also, it is recommended that you schedule any Restructuring session for a day when you can relax at home after your session (do not schedule for a day when you have an important or pressing engagement afterwards). 

RATES & PAYMENT: Rates for deep dive sessions: $180 for a 90-minute session.  

In-person sessions may be paid for at the time of your session via cash, check, or credit card. If you prefer to pay online via PayPal, your online payment must be received in advance of the session, but after you have scheduled your session

Distance sessions must be paid for in advance of the session. After you have scheduled your session, you may pay online via secure PayPal, or you may pay via check or money order payable to Inner Compass and mail your payment to the Inner Compass office (payment must be received in advance of the session).  All telephone costs must be incurred by the client. 



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