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The key to any meditation for any purpose, and especially for spiritual unfoldment, relies on the regularity of your practice.  There are great benefits to be had with a daily practice, and a long-range goal to meditate twice daily for twenty minutes each time is highly recommended.  It is also extremely beneficial to set a schedule, down to the time of day if possible, and stick with it.  If you do this, after several weeks your body will start to ready itself for this meditation practice; the nervous system will be conditioned for the maximum response from the meditation experience. 

It is important for you to realize that, during meditation, thoughts are not your foes—in fact, they are an important part of the meditation process.  As you settle in to a meditation, you think about your point of focus, then a thought arises, then you return to the focus, then a thought arises, then back to the focus.  Notice the teeter-totter rhythm of this, the back and forth, the ebb and flow.  Eventually, the teeter-totter slows down, and the mind will go to the easiest thought form available, which is the focal point.  In the process, the random thoughts become fewer and farther between, and the focused thoughts increase. 

Sometimes you go into a place where there is no thought at all, after which you’re not sure where you were, you’ve lost track of what you were thinking.  This is an experience of the true nature of you, which is your being.  It is an experience in which your awareness has shifted.  You are no longer aware of the outer things of life, you are simply engrossed in, and experiencing, the true nature of who you are, the true nature of your inner being, the unbounded stillness. 

You may come out of that experience wondering, “What happened?  I don’t know where I was.”  But you cannot define that space, it transcends the human intellect, the ego, the emotions.  It is completely outside of your everyday experience.  There is nothing to fear about that state, because at that moment you are closer to your center, to your being, than you are at any moment of busy-ness, of thought.  At that moment, you are closer to being in the presence of the divine, than at any other.  There are references in many sacred texts to this “inner silence” that underscores the activity of life.  This is the meditative experience of transcendence, or pure consciousness. 

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