Use your inner compass, speak your spiritual truth.

My name is Joanne Franchina, and I'm the founder of Inner Compass LLC, a Cincinnati, Ohio-based intuitive life coaching practice.  I teach people how to create fabulous lives for themselves by using their inner wisdom in everyday situations.  I particularly enjoy working with individuals who are discovering the joys of a holistic approach to life through mind, body, and spirit. 

I received my undergraduate degree in English and Political Science from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  I have extensive corporate experience as a technical writer, training course developer, and quality assurance manager. 

In fact, it was the stresses associated with juggling motherhood and a successful professional career that first brought me to learn meditation and life coaching skills in 1996.  My extraordinary experiences with meditation and the power of intention led me to further study of metaphysical and spiritual subjects, that ultimately resulted in a career change of a higher order.

I became a certified clairvoyant medium, certified spiritual healer, and ordained Spiritualist minister through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, New York, in 2006.  That same year I founded Inner Compass in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Since then I have led workshops and seminars on meditation, mediumship development, creative manifestation, and other metaphysical disciplines.  I have written for regional and national publications, been interviewed on television, been a featured guest for radio, and lectured at expos and other events throughout the country.  

In 2012, I created an extensive mediumship certification program, the Mediumship Mastery Program, with significant contributions from my colleague and office partner, Rose Vanden Eynden of Light Journey Enterprises.  At the same time I established Inner Compass Academy, to further the educational focus that Inner Compass has had since its inception.  

As you might expect from my background, I have become quite skilled at finding balance between the practical and the inspirational, the logical and the intuitive, the material and the spiritual.  I have a unique, intuitive approach to life coaching and spiritual counseling that is highly effective.  I am passionate about teaching; I love to share with others the concepts and practices that I have successfully applied in my own life, and in sessions with clients.  I also love to learn, and am continually studying and applying new ideas and advanced practices. 

I am blessed to have a supportive family and loved ones who help me to appreciate life.  I enjoy walks in nature, music, and creative projects.  I also enjoy getting to know people, so I hope you will contact me and tell me about you!   

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