Use your inner compass, live a life you love.


Welcome to Your Inner Compass online.  My name is Joanne Franchina, and I'm the founder of Inner Compass LLC and Inner Compass Academy, based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Simply put, I teach people how to create fabulous lives for themselves by using their inner wisdom in everyday situations.  Learn to use your inner compass!

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Holiday Message Circle Event with Joanne Franchina, Rose Vanden Eynden & Guest Presenters  Join us for a fun and festive evening (Friday, December 2), where you'll sit in a circle with a handful of other participants (including your friends and family members, if you like!) and receive a one-of-a-kind mini-reading from one of our guest presenters.  This time around our event features Patty Jodrey, crystal board readings; Diane Goetz, astrology readings; Kathryn Lakin, intuitive art readings; and Joanne and Rose doing specialty readings as well...read more.  

We're sorry; this event has been cancelled Spirit Speaks I: Learning the Language of Spirit with Joanne Franchina & Rose Vanden Eynden  In this first course within our signature workshop series (Saturday & Sunday, December 3-4), you'll discover the joys of meeting and working with Spirit while listening to the voice of your own intuition...read more.  

Monthly Circles with Joanne Franchina & Guest Facilitators  Inner Compass is excited to feature a variety of group circles from which you can choose to participate in 2016whether your interests turn to exploring healing energiesdiscussing books on spiritual/metaphysical topics, exploring the wisdom of higher beingscreatively manifesting every major area of your life, or developing your intuitive/psychic/mediumistic abilities, we have a circle for you!  Finally, you may find and enjoy your very own "community of like minds."  Please Note: We're in the process of creating some new groups, and retiring others, for 2017, so stay tuned...Request to join a group.  

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